Monday, April 19, 2010

Caveat Lector

This blog might do any or all of the following:
- give you paroxysms of delight
- be unsafe for work
- bore you out of your mind
- be used as evidence in a criminal trial (let's hope that it's not yours or mine)
- provide the after-dinner entertainment you've always sought
- give your day an little kick (in the groin)
- teach you something you never knew
- awaken your latent passion for painted ceramics

Despite this blog's superb form and functionality, this blog has limitations. Some are practical, some are political and some are personal. Please read the following before developing high expectations of my blog (they'd only be left unfulfilled anyway).

What I write is, first and foremost, limited by the capacity of my memory. I do not blog about events while they happen, unless I blog about my act of blogging. I am incapable of remembering every salient detail of every event, so my accounts are bound to be incomplete. They are also much more likely to contain the things I remember than the things I do not remember.

My readership is diverse, and comprises many relationships to me. These different relationships require different levels of tact and have different expectations as to what is acceptable to divulge. I therefore need to accommodate those who are likely to read my blog. This accommodation might entail omitting certain painful or difficult details or events from my blog. I might not feel comfortable publicising certain events or feelings of mine. If you want to find out more about something, please ask me about it. As above, different relationships carry different expectations - I reserve the right to withhold information which I do not want you to know. I don't think that this will be a problem, because I consider myself to be pretty candid. But if I deny a request for information then please respect my decision, as it will probably have been the result of good judgment.

I will be blogging from Việt Nam, of which the government censors websites, monitors content and punishes those who publish on the Internet anything it considers unacceptable. I will therefore do my utmost to avoid publishing anything which might lead to my blog being censored or blocked, or to me being punished. My job is with an association linked closely with the government, so this blog might be watched. The Vietnamese government's Internet policies govern email content as well, so I will have to be watchful in my email correspondences as well.

I can edit any of my posts at any time. So, if certain posts cease to strike my fancy, if I find that I have worded something poorly or if (God forbid!) I make a typo then I can turn those undesirable things into desirable things. Desirable things might not always be truthful. I do not claim to present you the 'truth'. I can't even pretend to have a claim on the truth, as I am at a tender age.

Be mindful of the above. Stay in school, be a man, watch your back and please enjoy reading my blog! I think that we'll all have a wonderful journey together. Except it won't really be together - you'll be journeying vicariously through me.


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  2. Repost: You're totally at a tender age, Josh. That line made me laugh. It sounded very (insert-philosopher's name-of-choice)-ish of you.